New Year, New Habits

We are now a few weeks into 2019! Often, people make lots of new year’s resolutions, only to discard them within the month of January. Let’s try approaching this a little differently this year. Instead of a laundry list of resolutions, that all hit you in January, choose 12 new habits that you would like to develop. Add one each month, and commit to following through. It takes about 3-4 weeks to develop a new habit, so adding one per month is perfect. 

What sort of habits might you add? Spend a few minutes thinking through your general goals. If clutter is your main frustration, center your goals around reducing the clutter in your home. You might commit to make your bed each morning, put all dirty clothes in the hamper before bed each night, empty your kitchen sink of dishes each morning, or collect one bag of trash or donations each week (that’s 52 bags by the end of the year!). 

If time management is the area you want to focus on, try goals tied to time. Consider setting aside chunks of time each month to tackle home projects, cooking, self care, and anything else that has been lost in the shuffle. One month, set a goal for a consistent bedtime. Another month, experiment with reducing your screen time to create pockets of time to achieve other goals. 

Each of these actions, individually, won’t change your life. But, also, none of them are particularly overwhelming. They are approachable and achievable. Done consistently over time you will see major results. Big, immediate change is hard and often not sustainable. Small, consistent changes will yield long-term results. Imagine where small, daily changes could lead you in 2019!