Just One Single Suitcase

My family and I recently spent a week away on vacation. Aside from getting some much-needed sun and warmth, it was also a great reminder of how little we need to get along quite nicely. One suitcase apiece, filled with a few well-chosen outfits, toiletries, and a book or two – that was all. Now I would not suggest that “real” life could be reduced to such minimalism. After all, I did not cook, or clean, or help children with science projects requiring craft materials on this trip. 

But there is likely a perfect middle ground for our possessions, somewhere between one suitcase and an entire house. If you are finding it difficult to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of, take advantage of time away to bring a fresh perspective. What did you miss? What were you happy to see upon your return? What was neither missed nor essential to daily life?

In addition to thinking about specific belongings, consider the general feeling of your vacation home away from home. Was it easier to keep tidy, because there were fewer possessions there? Was it easier to choose an outfit, because you had already whittled your wardrobe down to your favorites? What would it be like to make your home more closely mirror your vacation-load of stuff? Did it create a calmer, more peaceful mood?

What lessons about possessions await you on your next trip?