Here Comes Spring!

With spring just upon us, now is the time when many of you will be switching your closet from cold-weather clothing to warm-weather options. This is the perfect time to clear out those items that no longer serve your needs.

I have found that most of my clients approach the seasonal clothing switch this way: Go through the new season of clothes as they come out and cull from there. This isn’t always successful because it is difficult to make decisions about the clothes that you haven’t seen in months. Why? It’s exciting to think about this change of season and weather, and this positive outlook will cloud your judgment. Also, many of the clothes will feel new since you haven’t seen them in months.

Instead, use this opportunity to sift through the outgoing season’s clothing, only packing up what you really love and will use the next time cold weather arrives. Set your criteria before you begin sorting. For example, “If I didn’t wear it all fall and winter, I will not keep it.” Or, “I will not keep more than three similar items, such as black sweaters.” And always ask yourself, “Does this fit well and make me feel good about myself and my body?” Create your list of questions and criteria, then dig in.

Now, when the seasons shift again and you pull out your cold weather clothes, you will have only what you use and love!