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5 star rating

Top Rated Professional Home Organizer!  Take a moment to hear what people are saying about Serene Spaces Professional Organizing and Coaching services.  Below are several client testimonials that reflect some of the experiences we’ve had with our customers.  I hope to soon add your client testimonial as well.

Took away my shame

I was ashamed to have friends come to my house, let alone a stranger. As soon as I met Leah, she was no longer a  stranger. She took away my shame and made me feel good about myself and that I actually had potential. I never thought I could have fun clearing clutter, but with Leah’s help, I actually am. I feel so much better about myself now.

Sylvia, Herndon, VA

More room and less clutter

I didn’t even really think I needed to get organized, but once Leah helped me purge things I’ve had in my closet since high school I felt so much better. There is more room, less clutter, and its much cleaner…it feels really good. I keep showing people my closets now!  You don’t realize how a lot of clutter and disorganization effects your mood and spirit—I really felt better and more peaceful when Leah was done. Leah is also very easy to work with and very understanding.

Nicole, Middleburg, VA

Non-judgmental support

Leah has been an absolute Godsend! Working with her has been nothing short of a miracle. I’ve been severely cluttered for at least 20 years (if not my whole life). I was embarrassed to open the door because of the pigsty I called home – things scattered everywhere! To say I was overwhelmed would be a huge understatement. About a year ago I decided to renovate my house top to bottom, and I knew that I couldn’t change the space without dealing with the clutter at the same time. Like it or not, I had to bite the bullet and call someone. I was hesitant to have Leah come by for the first visit because I was so ashamed, but she was great! She told me not to worry – I didn’t have structural damage and sagging floors from my stuff. That made me laugh and I knew everything was going to be ok. I wasn’t the “worst” she had ever seen – certainly my biggest fear! Her nonjudgmental attitude and willingness to work with me and my quirks have been positively awesome – especially since I always ended up fighting with the well-meaning friends and family I had enlisted to help me up to that point. They just didn’t understand me, and I resented it. Leah’s objectivity really helps. It’s been over a year in the making so far (because of renovation delays), but Leah has really made me see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though we are far from being done, I now have a space that I could feel comfortable having anyone walk into. Every session I get more and more amazed at the transformation. I hate to admit it, but finding the floor and being able to vacuum large expanses of carpet was a huge milestone! I’d recommend Serene Spaces to anyone, but especially to someone who feels helpless or overwhelmed. Leah can help you make real changes one step at a time. She’s certainly made a believer out of me!

June, Fairfax, VA

You have beautiful things

My house was a disaster – dining room table stacked with papers, books in boxes in the living room, the largest closet a disaster zone, even the dishes hadn’t been done. “You have beautiful things” were the first words out of her mouth when she walked through my door for our first consultation. I didn’t think she was serious. She was. She helped me see possibilities for beauty and order that I couldn’t envision and made them happen.

Cathy, Washington, D.C.

Creating my relaxing environment

Thank you so much for helping me get organized in our apartment. Your terrific sense of organization and ability to create a relaxing environment was a lifesaver for me. In just a short time you were able to see through an immense amount of clutter and help me create a well-organized plan. You gave me valuable organizing skills I will use forever.

I have highly recommended you and Serene Spaces to my friends. I will definitely keep your phone number handy and would very much enjoy working with you again.

Alexandra, Ashburn, VA

You’ve made a tremendous impact on our family

My deepest appreciation to you for giving me back my sanity.  Please know that you have given me back some peace and harmony and my life is forever changed.  I’m even doing a bit of organizing on my own!  Leah, you’ve made a tremendous impact on our family and we will be forever grateful.

Anne, Arlington, VA

Cleansing experience

What can I say? I was living with 20 years worth of clutter in my kitchen!  Leah came over and helped me to deal with my need to retain what I didn’t use.  Her guidance and assistance in helping me to “let go” of items that were seldom, if ever, used was invaluable. I can now open the dreaded “Tupperware cabinet” without fear of things falling out on me (and I can find a lid for each item)!  By the end of our session, 9 bags, 1 large box, and two sets of pots and pans were awaiting new homes with the local donation center. Leah’s invaluable help has afforded me more space and easy access to those items used most in my kitchen.  This “cleansing experience” has instilled in me a new desire to de-clutter the rest of my house and I know if I can’t do it on my own, that Serene Spaces is only a call away.

Cheryl, Great Falls, VA

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