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Time Management for Teens February 16, 2020 by webmaster - Increasingly, families are reaching out to me to help their teens get organized. School, work, and extra curricular demands can be intense, and even the most “together” teen can find themselves overwhelmed. A few sessions with a professional organizer is often enough to get some new and effective routines in place. Here are my top […]
Spring Clean Your Closet Here Comes Spring! March 31, 2019 by webmaster - With spring just upon us, now is the time when many of you will be switching your closet from cold-weather clothing to warm-weather options. This is the perfect time to clear out those items that no longer serve your needs.
Just One Single Suitcase February 10, 2019 by webmaster - What lessons about possessions await you on your next trip?
New Year, New Habits January 16, 2019 by webmaster - Big, immediate change is hard and often not sustainable. Small, consistent changes will yield long-term results. Imagine where small, daily changes could lead you in 2019!
Happy New Year! December 30, 2018 by webmaster - New years resolution to play the Minimalist Game.